Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague Review

Fablehaven: Grip of the Shadow Plague is by Brandon Mull and is book 3 of the Fablehaven series. And OHMYGOSH it is my favorite so far. So much has happened since the first book and this one starts off directly in the action. I love this series and cannot wait to start on book 4. If you haven’t read this series or even heard of it, go. Go to your library or local bookstore and pick it up. It is amazing and I am sad that I am almost finished. So thats it for the non- spoilers.



Spoiler Section: Beware

So we start directly where we left off in book 2 and I really appreciated that. I think that really helped move the story along. The Sphinx has taken the recent captive of the Quiet Box and left Fablehaven. But the Sphinx is said to be a fake by the current Quiet Box resident, Vanessa. Kendra, Seth and the rest of the family are trying to decide whether or not this is true. But amidst this, light magic creatures are turning dark but not fallen. Kendra is called to be a Knight of the Dawn and is immediately going on a secret mission to recover another secret artifact. Through this she battles a dragon, and finds out this artifact is taken back to Fablehaven. Back at Fablehaven things are turning bleak. More creatures are becoming dark and Fablehaven is starting to fall. Once Kendra is back, the family has to relocate to the part of the preserve where the Queen Fairy presides because the house is taken over. Once there Seth and the rest of the team, minus Kendra, go and look for the artifact. All of them except Seth turns into shadows. Seth ends up summoning Patton Burgess from the past with the new artifact. Oh, and Seth is the only one who can see certain shadowy things, so that was interesting how what happened last book was melded into this one. Seth represents the dark magic and Kendra the good magic, I wonder how that will play out in the next two books because there was a lot of subtle hints about Seth’s newfound magic. The end fight scene was EPIC! Brandon Mull just keeps getting better at writing these battle scenes each book. I won’t spoil anything there, but let me just say it’s the best.

I just wonder what will happen now, what else can happen at Fablehaven, who else will die? I just hope the ending isn’t anticlimactic but I don’t think it will be.

Any book recommendations leave them below and until next time! Just Keep Reading!!


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